Festa di San Giuseppe (Feast of St Joseph, in Marettimo and Salemi)
Traditional dinners are held in honour of San Giuseppe, the patron saint, from 18th March, particularly in Marettimo and Salemi, and the votive altars are decorated with the traditional San Giuseppe breads. In Marettimo, visitors can also watch the traditional procession of the fishing boats.


"Processione dei Misteri" (Easter procession of the statues of the Misteri, in Trapani and Erice)
Seventeenth and eighteenth century statue tableaux are paraded through the streets of the city of Trapani from 2pm on Good Friday to midday on the Saturday.
The holy statues are carried on people's shoulders at the pace, known as “annacata”, dictated by the groups of musicians. Another small, traditional procession winds through the narrow streets of the ancient town of Erice.
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The Mount Erice Uphill Time Trial
In the first week of May, one of Sicily's most important car races, the “Monte Erice”, takes place. The races are held in the morning on the road leading from the Valderice locality to the town on the mountain’s summit.


"La Mattanza" (in Favignana)
The ancient ritualistic tradition of killing the captured tuna fish is continued each year in the sea at Favignana. Various related art and culture events are organised in honour of this ancient fishing ritual.


Cous Cous Days (in Trapani)
One of the city’s most important food and wine events is held in the first week of August. Near the Tower of Ligny, in the beautiful Viale delle Sirene (avenue of the mermaids), various exhibitors delight visitors' palates with all the most delicious dishes that the Trapani area has to offer.


Medieval and Renaissance Music Week (in Erice)
Every year, in September, Erice hosts a wonderful medieval and renaissance music festival. The event features numerous concerts and seminars on medieval music. CousCous Fest (in San Vito Lo Capo) An international festival of Mediterranean culture, food and wine, with tastings of Couscous dishes from the main countries of the Mediterranean.
CousCous Fest (San Vito Lo Capo)
Rassegna internazionale di cultura ed enogastronomia del Mediterraneo, con degustazione di piatti a base di CousCous dei principali paesi mediterranei.


Living Nativity Scene (in Custonaci)
Re-enactment of the birth of Jesus in the prehistoric Grotte di Scurati (Scurati caves). Demonstration of the ancient local crafts in nineteenth century settings.
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